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When you look at the section that is first of paper, make an instance for the new research.

Reveal to your reader why you made a decision to research this topic, problem, or issue, and why such research is needed. Explain any “gaps” in the current research on this topic, and explain how your research plays a part in closing that gap.

Whilst not always required, the literature review could be an part that is important of introduction. It provides a synopsis of relevant research in your discipline. Its goal is always to provide a scholarly context for your quest question, and explain how your very own research fits into that context. A literature review is not merely a directory of the sources you’ve found for your paper—it should synthesize the information and knowledge gathered from those sources to be able to demonstrate that work still has to be done.

Explain your selection criteria early on—why do you choose every one of your sources? The literature review should only make reference to work that affects your particular question. Search for a diverse variety of sources. Look at primary-research reports and data sets along with secondary or sources that are analytical. Continue reading