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10 Reasons Your Spouse Doesn’t Want Intercourse

You cannot go physically.

You lovebirds likely couldn’t keep your hands off of each other while you were dating and during the honeymoon years of your marriage. Real attraction and sex are trademark signs and symptoms of a relationship that is healthy in accordance with research posted into the Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. But how exactly does intimacy that is sexual lovers adapt as we grow older?

As guys age, it is normal in order for them to experience a somewhat decreased libido, states Jeanne O’Connell, M.D., cofounder of Sylvana Institute for Medical Aesthetics in Frederick, Maryland. Based on an evaluation published within the Journal of Nurse Practitioners, intimate intimacy declines around age 45 and will continue to drop as we grow older. Physiological elements could be at play, such as for instance age-related alterations in the flow of blood and changes in hormones. Continue reading