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Secure intercourse means looking after your health that is own and partner’s wellness.

Non-safe sex may place you or your spouse susceptible to intimately transmissible infections (STIs) or end in an unplanned maternity.

Tips on how to remain safe

  • Always utilize condoms when you have genital, dental or sex that is anal. Making use of condoms may be the only way of contraception that protects against both STIs and maternity. No matter if you’re using other contraception techniques (just like the product or even a diaphragm), always utilize condoms too.
  • If you’re having unsafe sex, confer with your partner in regards to the dangers included. Your choice about safe intercourse is very important STIs that are—some be healed many can’t ( e.g. herpes), and you’ll perhaps perhaps maybe not experience any symptoms that are initial.
  • Before making love, speak about making use of condoms along with your partner and arrive at an understanding about making use of condoms. Keep in mind, you have actually the straight to state NO when your partner doesn’t consent to utilize condoms.
  • Do not have intercourse (despite having a condom) if for example the partner includes a noticeable sore, ulcer or swelling on the genitals, anus area or lips. Suggest they see their physician, household preparation center or intimate wellness hospital.
  • STIs could be handed over from one individual to some other by dental intercourse. If you place the mouth area in touch with your partner’s penis, you should employ a condom in order to prevent STIs. If you place the mouth area in touch with your partner’s anal area or vulva (outside of vagina) whilst having intercourse, you should employ a dental dam (a slim latex square held throughout the genital or rectal area during dental sex). It is specially essential in the event that you’ve got a cut or aching around the mouth area or lips or bleeding gums.
  • STIs could be sent so you need to be safe if you use sex toys. Continue reading