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WriteToLearn is just a web-based tool for building writing skills and reading comprehension in grades 4-12

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With additional than 1,000 reading passages, WriteToLearn helps pupils develop the comprehension and writing skills necessary for scholastic success.

This web-based system evaluates students??™ comprehension of text, not merely grammar and spelling. In addition offers instructors the capability to deliver on-demand, personalized feedback. When integrated in to the class room, WriteToLearn is shown to assist pupils be better writers and develop an art and craft that good visitors obviously have: the capacity to summarize whatever they read.

Impactful results

Comprehensive assessments

Reporting and help

Less grading, more teaching

Between training preparation, class room instruction, and grading, instructors need tools that conserve them work ??” not create more. WriteToLearn??™s automated assessments, scoring system, and reporting do the benefit instructors to allow them to invest additional time training and a shorter time grading. Find out more about the effect of WriteToLearn into the class.

Improved abilities

WriteToLearn provides instant feedback that helps pupils exercise composing through review and edit rounds. Over four studies, 46 % of pupils with the essay composing element of WriteToLearn experienced increased proficiency. Enhanced summary writing abilities had been additionally recorded. For more information on the effect of WriteToLearn when you look at the class, read our complete effectiveness report.

Overview Composing

Pupils summarize reading passages within their very own terms and the reading comprehension part of WriteToLearn compares their writing into the text. Automatic scoring provides pupils instant feedback about their content protection of each and every area. Continue reading

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