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A straightforward Trick to achieve your goals with One-Pagers

Pay attention to my meeting with Betsy Potash (transcript):

Have you heard the whispers about one-pagers within the on the web teacher hallways? The thought of a one-pager, for which pupils share their essential takeaways on a piece that is single of paper, has actually flourished recently.

The one-pagers we see on Instagram draw me in like a piece of dual chocolate mousse dessert. The artistry pupils bring to representing their texts on a solitary little bit of paper, mixing pictures and a few ideas in innovative color, is practically hypnotizing for me personally. Maybe you’ve had the same experience.

One-pagers by the pupils of Gina Knight Hess, 6th level ELA, North Naples Middle class

Nonetheless it’s ab muscles beauty associated with the models that have posted that will drive pupils and instructors from the activity that is one-pager. Yes, it is perfect for super students that are artistic we have a tendency to think, but exactly what about everybody else?

Ends up it could be ideal for everybody. If you understand how to plan it.

Just Exactly What Is a One-Pager?

Let’s backtrack a little and talk more info on exactly what a one-pager is. It is pretty easy, actually. Pupils just simply just take exactly exactly what they’ve learned—from a brief history textbook, a novel, a poem, a podcast, a Ted Talk, a visitor presenter, a film—and place the shows onto a piece that is single of. AVID first developed this plan, nevertheless now it is commonly utilized in and away from AVID classrooms.

But how come this seemingly simple project therefore powerful?

As pupils create one-pagers, the details they put down gets to be more unforgettable in their mind while they mix pictures and information. In accordance with Allan Paivio’s double coding concept, mental performance has two methods for processing: the visual plus the spoken. Continue reading