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TUNEL-positive cells, identified by immunohistochemistry as MVECs or macrophages, presumably engulfing apoptotic ECs, are noted in numerous areas, including those apart from microthrombi. Based on these data, we propose that MVEC apoptosis is of pathophysiologic significance in idiopathic TTP/sporadic HUS. A fully integrated optical microscope and computer workstation for the pathology laboratory is described along with a system module for that workstation, fnb onl the Cell Measurement Program (CMP). This module allows for the acquisition and storage of digitized microscope images; measurement of a standard set of cell features, or descriptors, calibrated for accurate densitometry; and a comprehensive set of statistical analyses and display procedures. This system is useful in research in cell biology and in cancer research, allowing the investigator to use the microscope as a measuring instrument.

nusd aries

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J. W. Bacus, Method and Apparatus for Control of Light Inten-sity for Image Analysis; patent pending. Biliary brushing cytology has become the standard of practice for the investigation of strictures of the biliary and pancreatic duct systems. The methodology however has a limitation in that it has low diagnostic sensitivity when only cytologic evaluation is used. A number of testing methodologies have been applied to brushing specimens in an attempt to improve overall sensitivity without loss of specificity. These have included DNA ploidy analysis, immunocytochemistry, individual gene mutational analysis, fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH), and next generation sequencing (NGS).

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Qualitative and semiquantitative assessments of oestrogen receptor and progesterone receptor positivity determined on previously immunocytochemically stained slides were performed by eight independent assessors. Interassessor variations in estimates of positive immunostaining levels were high, varying by between 10 and 75% for individual slides. In 2 cases estimates for the same section ranged between 15% nuclei positive and 90% nuclei positive.

In many practical pattern-classification problems the underlying probability distributions are not completely known. Consequently, the classification logic must be determined on the basis of vector samples gathered for each class. Although it is common knowledge that the error rate on the design set is a biased estimate of the true error rate of the classifier, the amount of bias as a function of sample size per class and feature size has been an open question. In this paper, the design-set error rate for a two-class problem with multivariate normal distributions is derived as a function of the sample size per class (N) and dimensionality (L) . The design-set error rate is compared to both the corresponding Bayes error rate and the test-set error rate.

Ideally, the objects used to set the preload should be replica mass standards that closely approximate the density and mass of the unknowns. The advantages of the PNB scale are an expanded output signal over the range of interest which increases both the sensitivity and resolution, and minimizes the transient effects associated with loading of load cells. An area of immediate and practical application of this technique to nuclear material safeguards is the weighing of UFâ cyliners where in-house mass standards are currently available and where the mass values are typically assigned on the basis of comparison weighings. Several prototypical versions of the PNB scale have been assembled at the US National Bureau of Standards.

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The fundamental pathologic lesion is a hyaline thrombus composed of platelets and some fibrin accompanied by endothelial cell proliferation and detachment, in the absence of an inflammatory response. We now demonstrate the presence of enhanced MVEC apoptosis in splenic tissues from patients with TTP, documented by terminal deoxynucleotidyl-transferase–mediated dUTP nick-end labeling (TUNEL) and morphology. It contrasts with the absence of apoptosis in splenic tissues obtained after splenectomy for trauma or immune thrombocytopenic purpura.

Improved mass-measurement accuracy using a PNB Load Cell Scale. [Preloaded, Narrow-Band calibration…

contrast experiments of undersampled microscopic thermal images are done before and after calibration with the thermal image and the real thermal microscopic image. The experimental results show that the method significantly improves the oversampled reconstructed image quality, and enhances the system spatial resolution.

  • Interassessor variations in estimates of positive immunostaining levels were high, varying by between 10 and 75% for individual slides.
  • By computing the moment of order 1st and 2nd, the position and the angle of the ridge line is obtained.
  • Although frequent references are made to pulmonary dissemination, metastases in the pleural fluid have not been described.
  • In the brain the pharmacokinetics differed with a gradual accumulation of Pt occurring during the 1st week.
  • Taking advantage of the fluorescence of the indoloquinoline chromophore, fluorescence microscopy was used to map cellular uptake of the drug.
  • An ISEL index of less than 1% was revealed in 63% (45/71) of superficial compartments and 86% (61/71) of deep compartments.

The classical example of fitting is the use of the eigenvectors of the lumped covariance matrix corresponding to the largest eigenvalues. In an analogous manner, the new technique selects discriminant vectors (or features) corresponding to the largest “discrim-values.” The new method is compared to some of the more popular alternative techniques via both data-dependent and mathematical examples.

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A description of the instrumentation, principles of measurements, and applications are presented in this paper. A new method for the extraction of features in a two-class pattern recognition problem is derived. The main advantage is that the method for selecting features is based entirely upon discrimination or separability as opposed to the more common approach of fitting.

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By computing the moment of order 1st and 2nd, the position and the angle of the ridge line is obtained. The proposed center localization method is robust and precise for positioning the strip object in microscopic images. Experiments show that the novel method can not only avoid interference of noise but also adapt to changing light source.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case of pleural fluid involvement by salivary duct carcinoma reported in the literature. The center localization of strip is a key to ensure the accuracy of sub-micron line width measurement based on optical microscopic image. The Gaussian function with appropriate scale is used as kernel to convolve with the strip target on the microscopic image, which makes the profile of the strip become a ridge.

The repeat poisoning accuracy of the proposed method is reach up to 0.003 pixel, and the relative error is 1.5% for measuring the center distance of 10μm.

The importance of these errors in practice has been tested, and ways of minimizing or avoiding them are described. Many of these sources of error are known from scanning and integrating cytophotometry; they include the use of white instead of monochromatic light, the distribution error, glare, diffraction, shading distortion, and inadequate depth of field. Glare, contrast transfer, fixed scene noise, depth of field and spatial calibration seem to be the most serious sources of errors when measurements are not carried out correctly. We include a table summarizing all the errors discussed in this review and procedures for avoiding them. Idiopathic thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a thrombotic microangiopathy of obscure etiology.

Results using an assessment procedure combining staining intensity and percentage positivity estimates were also subject to marked discordance. A computerised image analysis system, also used to assess slides gave results similar to the mean manually determined percentage positivity values. It is suggested that quality control of steroid receptor immunocytochemical quantification be considered and that automated image analysis may represent an accurate and valid means of achieving this.

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It is demonstrated that the design-set error rate is an extremely biased estimate of either the Bayes or test-set error rate if the ratio of samples per class to dimensions (N/L) is less than three. Also the variance of the design-set error rate is approximated by a function that is bounded by 1/8N . Salivary duct carcinoma (SDC) comprises a small proportion of salivary gland tumors; however, it is known to be aggressive with a high rate of metastasis. Although frequent references are made to pulmonary dissemination, metastases in the pleural fluid have not been described. The clinical history, cytomorphology and immunohistochemical features used for diagnosis are described.

Currently, FISH coupled with routine cytology appears to be the method of choice for improving diagnostic sensitivity. Image-processing techniques were developed to assist histological analysis of rat spleen specimens stained for iron with Perl’s Prussian blue. A series of image features was extracted to describe the subjective concept of blueness, an important attribute in the histological evaluation of blue-stained tissues. A neural network model was developed to predict pathologists’ scores from selected image features.